Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hoop House

Even though we have a large number of salvaged windows for building a permanent green house, we decided to make do with a temporary hoop house for the next year or two.  Most of our materials were already here or recycled but we did buy the PVC for the hoops and some of the fasteners.  We didn't put a lot of thought into our plan since we had built a hoop house about 8 years ago. Despite a few hiccups, it will function nicely.

Lots of left over mess to clear out from the foundation project

Lots of southwest light.  Location is behind the greasy spider.

Moved the pallets the Fergus brought over to where the new compost piles will go.

Screwed together a 2x4 foundation for an 8x10 frame.

Connecting PVC in the center with stinky chemicals and lots of bad jokes.

Attach the PVC ends to the 2x4 foundation with brackets.
Dave came to help too.  The ends of the house are framed with wood.  A better design is to put the door in the middle, but we put very little effort into making this project the 'right' way.  I was competing with Jamie's commitment to the True False Film festival work to get this done.

Framed in a quick door
Seedling table in. Ready for plastic wrap.

It says its clear, but it was very opaque.  Unfortunately, we could not find clear plastic that was the right size. We ended up having to use two pieces to stretch over the top.  Not ideal.

The south side can be rolled up for venting.

The total cost of the project would be around $150 with new materials.  It's still early to start veggies in the hoop house, but there are lots of medicinal herbs that require cold conditioning and fluctuating temperatures to mimic the natural seed casting that occurs in the fall.


  1. Very exciting! What are your plans for the hoop house?

  2. Thanks! Right now there are a variety of herbs started for cold conditioning and in April I will start my veggies. At some point before fall I will install a bed for greens and other winter veggies.


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